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Below are descriptions of all the common equipment the German soldier was issued with or aquired. From the links immediately below you can view recreations depicting various ranks and roles wearing this equipment.


Basic Uniform

Steel Helmet: M35, M40 or M42 pattern with correct liner (Not Czech or Bundeswehr) and black leather chin strap. No Spanish, Bundeswehr or Feuerwehr helmets permitted. Single Army eagle decal optional. All helmets will be painted a uniform grey colour (paint has been computer colour matched to the original) which can be supplied. Camouflage painted helmets will be permitted on a 1 in 10 basis and may not be allowed at certain parade/training events and therefore should be regarded as an optional extra.

Chicken wire, bread bag straps, netting and inner tube bands are permitted for camouflage. Splinter cloth covers will be permitted on a 1 in 5 basis and only if correct material and construction. No Tan/Water or Italian camo covers permitted.

Cap: M43 preferred though some M38/40 and M42 side caps permitted. Must be an exact reproduction with correct insignia. No waffenfarbe (branch of service chevrons) on sidecaps.

Tunic: M40, M42 or M43 pattern field grey wool with correct insignia and original buttons. Field dressings to be carried in the special inner pocket. Must be an exact reproduction from an approved supplier (Richard Underwood). No Swedish conversions permitted.

Trousers: M42 pattern in field grey wool preferred, but M37 acceptable. Must be exact reproductions from an approved supplier (Richard Underwood). No Swedish conversions permitted.

Service Shirt: Must be grey jersey or cotton pullover type with or without breast pockets and have correct long pointed collar and with pressed paper or correct grey plastic buttons. Must be an exact reproduction from an approved supplier. No "Tropical" or Bundeswehr shirts permitted. No insignia to be worn on shirts.

Belt & Braces: Reproduction webbing and leather trouser belt and/or original or reproduction issue grey elasticated braces or period civilian braces, must be button on type, not clip-ons. No East/West German surplus braces permitted.

Ankle Boots: Must be toecapless, have leather soles and heels and be shod with heel and toe plates and hobnails, only leather laces to be used and these must be threaded correctly. Exact reproduction late war boots with "rough out" toe section; these boots come undyed as per May 1944 regs and if left undyed they must be coated with dubbin until they are darkened right down. Come ready shod. No marching boots ("jackboots") permitted other than for Officer and senior NCO.

Gaiters: Must be either original in good serviceable condition or exact reproductions from the USA. No East/West German surplus gaiters or no Indian-made dark green repros permitted.

Socks: Exact reproductions of the grey wool issue socks with white size rings.

Additional Uniform Items

Greatcoat: Field grey wool, any pattern.

Gloves: Grey ribbed wool with white size rings, original, or modern manufacture that are virtually identical minus the rings.

Toque: Grey wool headover; can be East or West German surplus which are virtually identical.

Jersey: Grey wool with dark green bands around neck and cuffs, V or round neck. Exact reproductions only.

Herringbone Uniform: Summer-weight version of the M43 uniform. No Bundeswehr conversions. This is an optional extra and in addition to a wool uniform.

Reversible Suit: Padded jacket and trousers worn over wool uniform in winter. Can be either Mouse Grey, Splinter or Tan Water camouflage. Separate hood and mittens also available.

Felt & Leather Boots: Designed to be worn with the above suit. Must be either original or early East German re-soled. To be worn at winter tactical events only.

M44 Uniform: Short battledress style tunic and matching trousers, issued Autumn 1944 and may be worn at winter tactical events. No Swedish conversions permitted.

Camouflage Clothing: As we portray a "bog-standard" infantry unit we do not use camouflage smocks of any kind. Italian and Waffen-SS camouflage is not permitted. The average "Landser" had only his Zeltbahn (shelter quarter) as camouflage and smocks were usually only issued to snipers and some Panzergrenadier units. We prefer the more authentic field grey look.

Basic Combat Equipment

Belt & Buckle: Black leather EM's belt with correct "Gott Mit Uns" army buckle. Must be either original or exact reproduction. Webbing belts permitted in limited numbers. Belt must be correct size for your waistline and not sag when worn with equipment.

Ammunition Pouches: If K98k rifle carried, black leather pouches (pair) must be either original in good serviceable condition, the identical early 50's issue or exact reproduction. Appropriate pouches to be worn for other weapons, i.e. MP40, MP44, MG34 or MG42.

Bayonet: Original mod.98 with wood or bakelite grips and leather or webbing frog, mounted or dismounted pattern. Must be original or exact reproduction.

Combat "Y" Straps: Black leather with "D" rings and auxiliary straps for attaching assault frame. (Webbing Y straps permitted in limited numbers) Must be either original or exact reproductions. No Austrian, Czech, East German or Indian-made repros/conversions permitted.

Breadbag: M31 or M44 pattern. Must be either original, an exact reproduction or the identical early 50's issue. No 1960's Bundeswehr, East German, Police or Luftwaffe breadbags permitted. No Indian-made dark green reproduction.

Waterbottle & Cup: M31 pattern with either alu or bakelite cup. Must be either original or the identical early 50's issue. A few "Tropical" pattern waterbottles permitted as some were used by 352 VGD in the Ardennes.

Entrenching Tool & Carrier: Can be either the "straight" type or "folding" type with appropriate carrier. Straight type can be either original or post war Swiss and folding type can be either original or post war Dutch. Entrenching tool blades to be painted black. Exact reproduction leather carriers for both types are available.

Mess Tins: Must be original. Secured with leather or webbing strap to left side of breadbag. No Bundeswehr or East German mess tins permitted.

Gas Mask & Canister: Correct pattern (Not Luftschutz) canister with webbing straps; can be either original or the identical early 50's issue. Canisters will be painted a uniform green colour, paint can be supplied. Mask and filter to be carried in canister at all times. Gas mask canisters to worn over right shoulder.

Gas Cape Bag: Original or reproduction, cloth or rubberised type, padded out and worn attached to canister by leather straps. This was the most common method of wear in a late war infantry unit.

Zeltbahn: M31 poncho/shelter quarter in '"splinter" camouflage. Must be either original in good serviceable condition (remember, you will be sleeping under it!) or an approved reproduction. Worn either rolled and attached with two leather or webbing straps on the back of the belt, on the "D" rings of the "Y" straps or on the assault frame. No Tan Water Zeltbahnen- they did not exist in WWII.

Additional Equipment

Assault Frame & Battle Pack: Webbing and leather or all webbing model frame and the small battle pack. Must be either original or exact reproductions.

Blankets: Grey wool army surplus or reproductions. You will need two for sleeping in.

Esbit Cooker: Folding solid fuel cooker, still made by same company in Germany today. Reproduction boxes for cooker and fuel available through unit.

Cutlery: Either the folding Fork & Spoon original or exact reproduction, or the clip-together type, original or the identical West German issue.

Field Torch: Original or early post war with or without coloured filters. Reproduction labels for the battery are available through unit.

ID Disc: An original alu disc with either Heer, Kriegsmarine or Luftwaffe unit designation (all correct for 352 ID/VGD). Worn around neck on white cord or inside small leather pouch (these were actually children's money purses, not an issue item).

Zeltbahn Poles & Pegs: Each Grenadier carried one pole section and two pegs (four pole sections, eight pegs and four Zeltbahnen required to make one tent), the poles are either original, identical post war issue or exact reproductions, pegs are either original or exact reproductions. No post-war Swiss white poles in splinter camo bag.

Butter Dish: Bakelite in either black or orange, original or exact reproduction - not Bundeswehr.

Soldbuch: Paybook showing soldier's service record including promotions etc. You supply a reproduction Soldbuch and the unit commander will fill it out with your chosen German name and history.

Kennkarte: Small ID card to be carried in the front line. As above.

Sundry Items: There are numerous original and reproduction items available to add to your kit such as sewing kits, towels, smoking and eating items, cartridge boxes, handkerchiefs, brushes etc. New recruits will be shown these items and are expected to acquire them.


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