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The Gruppe Ranks & Service Awards Costs Unit Policy on Politcal Activity

The unit has a long and proud tradition of authenticity and comradeship - two factors we, in 916, consider to be foremost. Our uniform and authenticity regulations are some of the highest in any WWII Living History Society because we feel to portray the WWII German Infantry soldier correctly can only be achieved by using the best uniforms and equipment available.

Members (can join from age 16) are required to learn authentic foot and rifle drill with the commands being given in German as part of the basic training (not as difficult as it sounds!), and to kit themselves out at their own expense in accordance with our authenticity guidelines and regulations. New members are given one year to get fully kitted out.

All members of the unit are required to act in a soldierly manner whilst in uniform and to follow reasonable orders from Officers, NCO's and WWII LHA Officials.

The 916. Grenadier Regiment is a 're-created' living history unit based on the actual unit that fought with distinction in North West Europe between 1944 and 1945, therefore, we owe it to those men of both sides to portray them correctly and with respect.

See our recruitment poster (PDF format).


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