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Recruitment - Costs
The Gruppe Ranks & Service Awards Costs Unit Policy on Politcal Activity

You will receive a sheet detailing costs of all the kit required. Much of this can be acquired through the unit at discounted prices and through certain dealers with whom we have discount arrangements. To be a member the fees are:

a) £20 per year for membership of the WWII Living History Association. (The minimum age to join is 16.)

We usually find most new members soon get bitten by the "kit bug" and most items can be acquired through the unit - never buy anything without consulting us first as the kit a militaria dealer sells you may turn out not to be suitable.

As a member of GR916 you will benefit from being a member of WWII LHA; the UK's oldest and most professional WWII Re-enactment / Living History society. We have full insurance, access to excellent sites nationwide and the best public shows.


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