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The Gruppe Ranks & Service Awards Costs Unit Policy on Politcal Activity

As we are portraying WWII German soldiers in public, we have a duty to portray the German soldier with respect, both for the soldiers and for the public who come to see us. The following guidelines demonstrate that we will not tolerate nor condone any right-wing or racist activity. Our duty is to honour the fallen soldiers of all nations of WWII.

Anyone found breaking any of the guidelines will be subject to immediate disciplinary action and expelled.

Members of the unit will not, nor ever have been, members of any subversive, fascist, racist or anti-Semitic organisation.

Members of the unit will refrain from making any statement or gesture that can be seen to be a political statement to the press or public.

Members of the unit will refrain from any political activity, discussions or the distribution of political publications or leaflets whilst at any event.

The Nazi salute (straight arm) will NEVER be used at any time. Only the German military salute (hand to peak of cap/helmet) will be used.

The Nazi flag (defined as a red flag with a white circle and black swastika) must NEVER be flown or saluted. The correct Wehrmacht battle flag will only be used when appropriate.

Allgemeine S.S., Waffen-S.S., S.A., H.J. etc, or any political badges or insignia (including party badges, sports badges etc.) will not be worn at any time.

The singing of political songs such as the 'Horst Wessel' is forbidden. Traditional German marching songs or folk songs are, however, fine and encouraged.

When travelling to and from events do not wear any part of your uniform that uses a swastika (buckles, caps, etc.) and always keep the uniform, equipment and weapons secured. Never leave uniforms exposed.

At public events, or any event where the media are present, always seek out a senior member of the unit or LHA official if approached to make any statement or pose for photos.


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