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Recruitment- Ranks/Awards
The Gruppe Ranks & Service Awards Costs Unit Policy on Politcal Activity

1) Infanteriestürmabzeichen in silber (Infantry Assault Badge in Silver)
This is awarded for completing 20 days of public shows, private battles and training events.

2) Eisernes Kreuz Zweite Klasse (Iron Cross 2nd Class) This is for four years of dedicated service to the unit.

3) Eisernes Kreuz Erste Klasse (Iron Cross 1st Class)
This is awarded only upon the total agreement of the whole unit for very outstanding achievement over a number of years.

4) Kriegsverdienstkreuz Zweite Klasse (War Service Cross 2nd Class) For outstanding non-battle services to the unit.

5) Kriegsverdienstkreuz Erste Klasse mit Schwerten (War Service Cross 1st Class with Swords)
For continued outstanding non-battle services to the unit.

6) Verwundeten Abzeichen der Armee, Schwarz (Wound Badge in Black)
For a real injury sustained in action with the unit and which requires actual medical care.

7) Trade qualification badges (Signaller Etc.)

8) Kraftfahr-Bewahrungs Abzeichen (Army Drivers Badge) Awarded to any member that provides the unit with and drives an original or approved replica motorised vehicle (i.e. Kubelwagen, Motorcycle etc).


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