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The internet can be a great source of information on the German Army of WWII; see our Links page for some we suggest. Equally there are many printed works that readers will find immensely useful to refer to when studying the German Grenadier of WWII. Below we have listed some of those works and will include some primary research that our own members have prepared. Our Drill Manual is reproduced below:

Waffenausbildung für Deutsche Heere 1939 - 1945 ~ Military Drill for the regular German Army of 1939 -1945

Drill Manual Cover  

Using the 'Reibert 1940' and 'Instruction Manual for the Infantry H.Dv.130/2a', dated 16/3/41 (translated by John Baum of Lisbon, Ohio, USA) as the prime sources, members of GR916 have produced a translated English document on German Army drill. Readers will see from other sources listed below that there were other books produced documenting drill but the Reibert is the most comprehensive and therefore has been used as our benchmark. GR916 prides itself on authenticity and this extends to our research and any works we produce we corroborate the evidence and do not rely on unsubstantiated sources. Certain areas can be difficult to interpret or are missing (e.g. documented works on the Neue Gruppe of 1944), we welcome any information that will help us complete our research.

German Tactical Manual

Drill Manual Cover  

The aim of this manual is to introduce some of the fundamental tactical principles as drilled into German soldiers during the Second World War. This manual focuses mainly upon the individual infantryman and the infantry section (or Gruppe) in combat.

Das Truppenfahrrad ~ The German Army Bicycle 1939 -1945 Drill Manual Cover  

Contrary to popular belief the German Army was not fully motorised at the outbreak of war. The Treaty of Versailles had severely limited the Army’s resources, especially within motorisation. A large part of the infantry were required to move on foot and therefore it seemed logical to utilise non-motorised forms of transport such as horses and bicycles. (Please note this is a large file)


The following books are well worth consulting and would form an ideal basis for anyone building a library on the subject.

Deutsche Soldaten by
Agustin Sainz
Feldbluse by Jean-Philippe Borg and Laurent Huart Uniforms & Traditions of the German Army 1933 - 1945 by J R Angolia German Army uniforms and Insignia 1933 - 1945 by B L Davies
  Original Manuals    
Der Dienst-Unterricht im Heere by Reibert Infanteriedienst - Soldatenfibel by Zimmerman Unterrichtsbuch für Soldaten by Weber  


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