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We seek to represent troops from the 5. Kompanie, 916. Grenadier Regiment, 352. Infanterie Division which was one of four companies within the regiment's second battalion (II./916). The Kompanie was divided into four platoons (Züge), each Zug sub divided into sections (Gruppen).

The troops who served in the ranks of 5. Kompanie were a mixed bunch. On its forming in 1943, a veteran recalls that 50% of the Kompanie were 17 or 18 year old Hanoverian conscripts, 20% were Poles who were classed by the authorities as being of German stock, and therefore eligible for combat service, 20% came from the recently dissolved Vlassov division and the final 10% were 'eastern front veterans', although what constituted a 'veteran' is unknown. Although the regiment was later part of 352 VGD, its order of battle remained essentially the same.

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