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Sept 1944 – Dec 1944
The 352ID was merged with the 581. Volksgrenadier Division and rebuilt as a Volksgrenadier (People's Grenadier) division in August/September 1944 in the Schleswig-Holstein area of Northern Germany. The 352VGD held a sector of the West Wall before it was sent into action once more as part of the 7. Armee during the Ardennes Offensive launched on the 16th December. The 352's manpower had come mainly from the Kriegsmarine and disbanded units, most of whom had little, if any, experience of combat. The average age of the Volksgrenadier infantryman was 17 and most had only a few weeks of infantry training behind them.

352VGD Order of Battle - GR916, WWII LHA has researched the 352VGDs Order of Battle (Gliederung in German) and has produced the attachment above. This can viewed in Adobe's PDF format.

The C.O. during this period was Majorgeneral von Schuckman to 6th October, then Oberst Erich Schmidt to 23rd December, then Generalmajor Bazing.


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