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Mar 1944 – June 1944
352ID continued to train and build its strength and by April 1944 it had reached its full complement, totalling 13,228 men. During May 1944 the division left St Lo and moved to the coast where it was given responsibility for 'Coast Defence Sector Bayeaux' which ran from Carentan, in the west, to Asnelles, 10km north-east of Bayeaux, in the east.

352ID Order of Battle - GR916, WWII LHA has researched the 352ID's Order of Battle (Gliederung in German) based on an original held in the Bundesarchiv. This can viewed in Adobe's PDF format.

To view a re-created Grenadier from the period, click here.

GR916 had its HQ at Trévières, 7km in from the beach and II Bataillon (II./916) had its HQ at Formigny, just 4km from the beach. The beach between Viervilles-sur-Mer and Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer was known locally as la Plage d'Or, the Golden Beach. It was to adopt a new name after June 1944: 'Omaha'.

To view copies of original 352 veteran's photographs, click here.

The Division C.O. during this period was Generalleutnant Kraiß.


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