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Unit History 

Mar 1945 – June 1945
From March 1945 the unit was redesignated a Kampfgruppe and fought in the Rhineland battles south of Remagen. The 916. Grenadier Regiment surrendered to French Moroccan troops in South West Germany in April 1945. The Kampfgruppe finally being destroyed on 27th April 1945 whilst fighting in the area of Aasen-Heidenhofen due east of Freiburg.

To view a re-created Volksgrenadier from the period, click here.

The GR916 had a life of approximately 15 months, and is a classic example of the infantry line regiments of World War Two.


The Divison C.O. during this period was Generalmajor Rudolf von Oppen to 29th April 1945 who provided the source of 352's only confirmed unit marking. This was based on his initials and used on unit signposts and on some vehicles of the signals unit.

352VGD marking  

For further reading on the 352 I.D./352 VGD, see the following good books:

"Hitler's Legions" by Samuel Mitcham (Leo Cooper)

"Invasion! They're Coming" by Paul Carell (Corgie)

"Beyond the Beachhead" by Joseph Balkoski ( Dell , USA )

"The Battle of the Bulge in Luxembourg . Vol 1: The Germans" by Roland Gaul (Schiffer)

"The Battle of the Bulge - Then and Now" by Jean Paul Pallud (After the Battle Publications)

"Omaha Beach" Battle Zone Normandy series by Stephen Badsey & Tim Bean

"Normandiefront - D-Day to St Lo Through German Eyes" by Vince Milano & Bruce Conner

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